How safe or accurate are your court case files at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice?

Not safe at all.

A Toronto man has discovered that the Family Court file records at the Superior Court of Justice located at 393 University Avenue in Toronto, are easily manipulated and forged.

According to “A”, who we will not be identifying him, he went to take a look at his case records and found that a court order had been altered and changed without his knowledge and/or approval.

“A” had contacted his lawyer, who wrote to the opposing lawyer regarding the matter of a forged court order appearing in the courts files without their knowledge and approval and without the consent of a judge.

“A” also went to the court clerks of 393 University Avenue and inquired about the court order and how did it get approved to enter the records without consent from the opposing party and/or a judge.

The response from the court clerk, Olawale Akinyosoyewho had actually signed and stamped the court order and had logged it into the file was astonishing:”Why are you asking me? If you have a problem make a motion.”-Olawale Akinyosoye’s responded to “A”.

“A” was stunned by the response but more stunning was the response from the opposing lawyer who had submitted the forged court order to the clerk.

The opposing lawyer of the family court case of “A”, in her response to “A”‘s lawyer wrote :” I was advised by the court supervisor that FRO (Family Responsibility Office) returned the order for amendment so that the amount could be payable ‘each month’. I was asked to make that necessary change, and it was made.”

“A” contacted the FRO as well to notify them about the forged court order but after many voice messages and going to the ombudsman and the local MPP he was met with a threatening and harassing comments from the FRO.

“A” had notify the Ministry of Attorney General as well regarding the matter but so far, from since December 2015 when the forged court order was discovered, no investigation or any actions whatsoever have been taken from anyone.

“A” has filed a complaint with the Law Society of Upper Canada against the opposing lawyer who seem to have forged this document but has met only with delays and silence from the Law Society.

It is unbelievable the amount of time, energy and money, let alone of the other impacts in their lives, people have to go through here in Ontario to find justice from being falsely accused about anything. “A” said. Who knows how many more people have been affected, and who knows how many records have been changed without the people involved knowing anything of what’s going on.

Innocent until proven guilty does not apply in Ontario especially in government ministries and agencies.

Under Kathleen Wynne, the government has turned into a corrupt, manipulative spider web that whomever gets caught in it will be ruined for life spiritually and economically.