What could have gone wrong when you get kicked out of your parent’s house with a court order

A 30 year-old Syracusse man was ordered by a Superior New York judge to move out of his parents house. Michael Rotondo was sued by his own parents in an effort to evict him out of their house after they exhausted all other venues.

“Michael, here is $1,100 from us to you so you can find a place to stay,” a Feb. 18 letter starts. It goes on to suggest he sell his stereo, some tools and any weapons he may have to gain money and space.

“There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you,” the letter reads. “Get one — you have to work!”

It’s signed “Christina and Mark Rotondo.”

One must really be a failure in all aspects to be kicked out of the parents house by a court order.