Andrea Horwath promises 4,500 more nurses on her first year as a primier. But how will she do it?

Hospitals in Ontario are private corporations and are run by their respective board members.

For a political candidate to promise 4,500 nurses on her first year is a total bullshit. Why?

Because the government has no power to dictate how many people or who will  be hired in a private sector.

Candidates might promise to spend money on taxpayers expense for a year, so they can win the election but that doesn’t really solve the problem, as hospitals might choose to take that money and deal or not.

And giving money from taxpayers pockets with a deficit such as ours in Ontario, just to win votes, and that will probably last for a year, tops two, will it solve anything? And is it mature?

Promising reckless spending, as Andrea is doing, and not having a Primier who has no clue about mathematics let alone accounting and economics, should be every Ontarian’s nightmare.

Are we ready for an upgraded version 2.0 of Kathleen Wynne?

Where will she get the money to cover up those expenses? That’s right, higher taxes and prices.

The math is simple.

So how will Andrea actually do it, if any different?