Police release video and seek information on two Regent Park shooting suspects

Toronto police have released security camera footage of a pair of shooting incidents in Regent Park.

Police say the first incident occurred on Wednesday night at 12:43 a.m. when a man dressed in all white with a hooded garment approached another man on River Street, just south of Gerrard Street, held a handgun to the back of his head and appeared to pull the trigger.

Police say the gun did not discharge and the suspect fled the scene.

In the video, it appears the intended victim is unaware of what just occurred.

Eight minutes later the same two suspects approached another man standing outside a variety store a block away from the first incident. Both suspects pull out firearms and began pursuing the man, who flees into a building on Oak Street.

The man dressed in white shoots at the victim, striking him before fleeing the scene.

The victim was transported to hospital and treated for a gunshot wound and released.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to call police or Crime Stoppers.

It is unclear the motives and if this is a random shooting practice.

Sources: 680 News, TPS video

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