Quebec’s fashion quarrel

One can only wonder how far the government of Quebec has gone and see the double standards behind the people’s fashion and way they dress.

Last year, the Quebec Parliament passed controversial Bill 62, a bill that requires people in Quebec who give or receive any public service to uncover their faces has been adopted into law.

Even though the law does not specifically mention the niqab or burka, two styles of traditional garments that cover the face, worn by some Muslim women, the Bill was viewed by many as an attack on Muslims.

When did we become a country that tells people what to uncover in public?

An incident that happened last week at the school of Le Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie — an all-girls private school in Outremont, in which a student was asked to cover up because she wasn’t wearing a bra under her T-shirt.

The Quebec cabinet minister, Hélène David, responsible for women’s issues says schools in the province should be having a discussion about whether bras should be compulsory for students.

When did the state and schools become above parents?

When did we become a country where we tell people what should we cover?