Teacher’s licence suspended for two months after telling student to ‘lick me where I fart’

An Ontario teacher who slapped a student and told another to “lick me where I fart” received a two-month licence suspension on Monday after pleading guilty to professional misconduct for the second time in two years.

Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson admitted to a troubling history of inappropriate comments at a hearing before an Ontario College of Teachers disciplinary committee. Asked if she was pleading guilty, Green-Johnson nodded her head and mouthed “guilty.” She was forced to repeat herself so that the panel could actually hear her.

During the 2015-16 school year, the teacher told a student to “lick me where I fart” after the student took some gum from Green-Johnson’s drawer and asked if her friend could have some. She told another “it sounds like your ass cheeks are too close together.”

On Mar. 26, 2015, Green-Johnson was in her classroom with a student who is also a family friend. When his mother, a teacher at the school, joined them, the student ignored her. Green-Johnson responded by slapping him in the head, calling him an “idiot” and telling him to “grow some balls.”

On Nov. 11, 2015, a student offered to trade Green-Johnson muffins for a passing grade.

“You mean a bribe?” Green-Johnson asked. “I’d be able to s—t for a week because of all that fibre.”

On another occasion, she said “f—k you” to a student after he suggested that women were asking to be sexually assaulted. Days later, she criticized another student for looking like a “frumpy old lady.”