Where did Kathleen Wynne fail?

Despite the fact that Kathleen Wynne has the lowest popularity in Ontario as a politician, we can’t ignore the fact of some of the work she has done.

From people who know her, she sounds as a great person and smart. She is prepared and intelligent. But one of her faults is that she thinks that she’s smarter than everyone, and everyone should listen to her.

On June 7, 2018 the people of Ontario voted and the results were far more astonishing that should be an eye opener for the next government.

PC won majority with 76 seats, NDP became official opposing party with 40 seats, Green party won a sit in parliament first time in history of Ontario, and Liberals from a majority won only 7 seats loosing even their official party status.

But where did Kathleen Wynne fail that brought even the party to such a status?

#1 The controversial SexEd curriculum that was met with protests from many parents but Kathleen decided to insert it into public schools. Kathleen decided to ignore the outcries of parents and went on with it despite the fact that the curriculum had the fingerprints of a convicted pedophile which made the matter worse.

On the other hand it looked as Kathleen was using her position for personal agenda.

#2 Selling of Hydro One and loss of the company’s control in the board. The reasons behind the sale are still disputable but the outcome did frustrate the people of Ontario bringing her popularity way down and the hydro rates skyrocketing.

#3 The out of control public sector service with the hiring of incompetent people and increase of bureaucracy. What is worse is that the public service employees think they are entitled to do whatever they want and are untouchable.

#4 Corruption has many faces. One of the worse types of corruption is that government employees under Kathleen Wynne have convinced themselves that they have power and forget that they are a public service. They forget they are to obey the law and to serve the needs of the public. Under the Kathleen, government ministries turned their service into political movements and their own agendas.

With no oversight and Kathleen’s private agenda, the public service turned into a party within the government and no accountability.

We have written an article regarding one of these types of corruptions that exists within our Ontario government under Kathleen Wynne. What has been done about it? Nothing.

#5 Discrimination. The treatment and service by a government should be unbiased and protect all people equally, but under Kathleen Wynne’s government, that has not been the case.

The treatment to a certain groups of people was different and the service, well there was no service.

On the days to come there will be more articles from us regarding the corruption that it is ongoing and hopefully our newly elected government will take measures.

If not, we’ll still here holding them accountable.