Cop accused of stuffing money in sock

An Abbotsford police officer is currently under investigation by the RCMP for putting money in his sock during a search of a home by Abbotsford police last fall. The officer was seen on a surveillance camera picking up money and stuffing it into his sock.

Taking to the stand in April, the officer – identified in court documents as Const. Sovio – admitted to touching the cash, but said he had done so as a joke and had put it back later.

“He advises that he was in the middle of doing a practical joke,” Sgt. Judy Bird, spokesperson for Abbotsford police, told CTV News at the time.

What kind of practical joke is that?

So every thief should justify their actions that were in the middle of a practical joke?

The RCMP’s investigation into Sovio’s conduct is currently underway, with the officer removed from operational duties for the time being.

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