Trudeau finally acts tough on tariffs until the opponent will call his bluff

Justin Trudeau has imposed tariffs on USA products as a response to the action of President Trump to impose tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

And the war on trade is escalating even after the G7 summit, which was a perfect opportunity for Canadian government to resume talks.

US government wants to negotiate separately with each member of NAFTA and yet the Canadian government is unwilling to do that.

Why is the Canadian government so eager to include Mexico in the trade and in the negotiations talks and risk itself?

What interests does Canada have in Mexico, that it has to jeopardize the Canadian economy by stalling the free trade with our largest partner?

Justin Trudeau seems to forget that calling a bluff one must deceive the opponent first in believing that it might have the proper cards to win.

That would not be the case this time and Justin’s bluff will impact the Canadian economy.