John Tory has no magic wand to fight crime in the city of Toronto

Toronto Mayor John Tory says there is “no easy answer” or magic wand to reduce gun violence in Canada’s largest city.

Eleven people have been shot in the city since Friday, with the latest occurring early Tuesday when a man was shot in an apparent drive-by shooting near the downtown core. The victim suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries.

Two people from the city’s rap scene were killed in a brazen daylight shooting on Queen Street on Saturday in the entertainment district.

Toronto has recorded 51 homicides so far this year, including 22 people killed by guns. There were 27 homicides at this point in 2017.

Tory said while there is “no simple explanation,” the city is taking some action, such as hiring 170 new police officers.

While hiring of 170 new police officers will please only the Toronto Police Association by collecting union dues and getting bigger bonuses, the hiring will also increase the more spending into the city budget.

Hiring more police officers will not tackle any crime while the service suffers from incompetence and lack of civility. Police officers are sworn to serve and protect and to uphold the constitution, and yet many police officers action seem to be the actions of a bunch of shepherds who have no idea what constitution and human rights mean.

Even though the Toronto Police Force changed the name to Service there is no indication that the officers can distinguish the meaning.

The police think that they are judges and executioners and not upholders of the law. There is quite a difference if one takes the trouble to understand it and separate it.

If by putting 170 police officers on the service will  on the taxpayers expense will change anything, we have a question for John Tory.

Are you HIGH?

Of course with the election coming up John Tory needs to look competent and ready to give an answer and solution even though if the answer and the solution are a bunch of crap.

Harry potter wand