Teachers and Union; If you don’t like it open your own private school

When Kathleen Wynne implemented the sex-ed in Ontario without taking under consideration the voice of the parents, she simply respondent for anyone who does not like it to take their children to private schools.

And so the parents spoke in a most democratic way, and not only voted the Liberals out but left them with a 7 seats minivan ride to parliament, as such loosing their status.

Parents chose the one party who said that it will scrap the sex-ed from the Ontario curriculum. And that was the Conservative Party with Doug Ford as leader, now the majority party in parliament with Doug ford as Premier.

Teacher’s union decided to support and defend any teacher who defies the government’s rule and continues to teach the Liberal sex-ed.

  1. Teachers are hired to teach the curriculum that is approved by the government in public schools. If they don’t like it, they should open their own private schools and teach whatever they want.
  2. Union is there to defend teachers based on the law and the collective agreement with the government. They’re not a political party and shouldn’t play politics.
  3. And most importantly, the teachers and their union do not have a saying to other people’s children. Only the parents decide what education is appropriate and good for their children.

Andrea Horwath was quite silent to oppose Doug Ford during the election when he announced that he will scrap the sex-ed. What changed now? Or did she see an opportunity to grab more voters on her side?


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