Toronto is in chaos while City Councillors whine about their jobs

Reading and watching the news this week has been quite exhausting and entertaining at the same time. Watching the left wing media and Toronto city councillors has been a drag of exhaustion on brain cells. And yet very entertaining to the ignorance that city councillors show on daily basis.

Defend Democracy, defend the people’s rights, defend this and that defend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Doug Ford is a dictator, are some of the slogans.

Two things are for sure:

  • Either these councillors are as dumb and clueless as they get, or
  • They taking advantage of the situation for their own agendas and misleading the people.

On either case they shouldn’t be elected anymore. They are a sham.

“The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.” –  Charles Bukowski

Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 33 gives the Provincial Government the power to invoke a court decision. It is there and it can be used on cases that relate to section 2 or section 7-15 of the Charter.

But the city councillors are not OK with that. After all most of them might end up loosing their jobs. And yes it is a job created by the Provincial Government. Municipal Governments are not a Constitutional Right.

On the other hand downsizing the city council it will mean they have to actually work, and not watch Netflix all day or go around and do nothing.

25 councillors also means that city matters would get done faster and not stall while they debate around 47 people who’s going to overlook certain developments.

And while city of Toronto lacks a proper transportation system, a police service that has not the proper tools and resources to combat crime or respond to all areas, people living in tents and on the sidewalks because of housing shortage, city roads full of potholes where residents are planting tomatoes, congested traffic that takes forever to move around the city, cyclists fatalities from lack of infrastructure, Toronto city councillors make emergency meetings at City Hall on how to take to court the Provincial Government and fight for their jobs.

Instead of addressing the increase number of shootings, stabbings and deaths that are capturing the city, at parks, at malls, at playgrounds, at restaurants,

and the issue of drug syringes covering the streets of Toronto, around elementary schools,

the self-serving councillors make ridiculous motions on how to protect their jobs, and they call it “Defending Democracy”.