CTV News makes changes in their news after criticism on Twitter

CTV News has made changes on their story after a small but critical criticism on Twitter.

CTV News on their story “No ‘magic lever’ to solve gun crime: expert“, involving a University of Toronto sociology professor Jooyoung Lee, who studies gun crime, claimed that handgun ban have been effective in Australia and England.

There’s one little slight problem though. There is no handgun ban in Australia as Mark Towhey pointed out to CTV News on Twitter.

Another reply to the tweet also pointed out that a quick research could have saved both the professor and CTV News the embarrassment.

“University of Toronto sociology professor Jooyoung Lee, who studies gun crime, says handgun bans have been effective in Britain in cutting homicides and suicides but Canada has a “unique dilemma in terms of sharing a border with the country with the greatest gun consumption in the world.”

From CTV News Story (changed)

CTV News also comments on Liberal MP Adam Vaughan advocated for a handgun ban when he sat on Toronto city council from 2006 to 2014 but says there was no political will at the time to go forward.

There is no certainty how Adam Vaughan actually qualifies as an expert in this column.

The CTV News has removed Australia from the column but the question remains whether there is an actual magic lever if the proper people are asked also for opinions and expertise.