“Stop your policy of open borders in Europe, we need our youth here” urge African leaders

Many African heads of state are surprised by Europe’s open border policy and urge the continent to change it, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said to German tabloid Bild.

Kurz, who was on a trip in Africa, said some heads of state urged him to “stop your policy of open borders in Europe” as it leads to African youth leaving the continent.

“This only motivates the African youth ‘to break up’ in the first place,” the Austrian Chancellor quoted his unnamed counterparts.

According to Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde it’s better if the African youth remained in their countries and don’t even want to come to Europe.

“It is clear that we must not lose our youth because they flee to Europe. We need to tackle the causes rather than worry about the symptoms.

“The escape is dangerous. Criminal human smugglers make money with it. We must keep the people who will lead Ethiopia – and Africa – into a better future,” Sahle-Work Zewde said.

When asked by Bild if Europe should ignore the migrant flows from Africa the President said:

“No, of course not, but we have to make a clearer distinction between migrants and refugees. Africa was very generous in receiving refugees (…)

“It is quite simple: as long as we do not improve local living conditions, more people will want to flee to Europe. And many of them have completely wrong ideas about what to expect in Europe.”