Dumb Questions people ask on Amazon

There are all kinds of costumers out there, and sometimes they ask dumb questions.

The dumbest questions written in Amazon, is when people sometimes don’t ask questions about the product but rather make a statement (as if it was Facebook or Twitter), or simply ask unrelated to the product questions.

“How can Costco sell this product for half the price?”

The question has no relation to the product but rather to the price. If people were smart and knew how Amazon works, they wouldn’t ask this question.

1 – Costco has a membership fee.

2 – Not everyone has access to Costco.

3 – If one is willing to purchase at Costco why buy it from Amazon?

4 – Just because one store has it cheaper doesn’t mean everyone has the same price.

5 – If one is willing to buy on Amazon, should consider that people who sell on Amazon are independent sellers. Shipping might be listed free, but it is not free for the seller (meaning that is included in the price).

6 – Amazon charges sellers a fee of 15% of total price in most cases, meaning that fee is included in the price.

7 – Sellers work for a profit, meaning that their profit is include din the price.

So if people calculate Shipping + Fee + Profit + Expense = Total price of item you purchase from Amazon.

As a buyer, next time you see FREE SHIPPING, is not really a free shipping but included in the price.