Sellers moving away from Amazon after repeated harassment from buyers

Many Ontario sellers on Amazon are cutting off their products as a result of increase harassment from buyers due to prices. Buyers who are looking to get free products and cheaper are using the snitch line and Emergency Act of Ontario as an excuse to threaten sellers to get what they want.

I purchased your product and paid $79.00 and there is another seller selling it for $59.99. Costco sells it for $35. This is major price gouging and I would like refund for the difference before i report you.

Many sellers on Amazon have different prices and sell various products based on their costs, logistics, Amazon FEES, and profit. The price may vary but buying an item without research is not price gouging but laziness from the buyer.

We did our own research of the product and found out that Costco doesn’t sell the product and two other sellers who sell it for $59.90 on Prime, which also has a cost of $75 at least, and the other seller $55 + $5.54 shipping.

We found very easily the same product also from a small business online for $38.99 + shipping.

Amazon is not the only online platform that sells but there are many others and small businesses who are struggling during this time of COVID-19 to do business.

It is clear that the buyer in this case is able to do research but prefers to buy from one source. Hence there is a choice to where a person can buy from.

Yet another factor these buyers leave out is that Costco Membership costs $50 at least. Canada Post or other shipping companies are not free, and the cost of an item varies based on distance and weight.

Small businesses that rely on Amazon to move products are facing daily with these types of harassing complaints on Amazon.

Few companies have decided to pull out many of their products due to continues threats from buyers of being reported to the Provincial snitch line.

Yet no one seems to bother to consider Amazon fees during the time of pandemic and choose to buy on Amazon rather than buying locally from small businesses.

What is most disturbing though is the fact that the product is a non-essential item.